August 1 - 12, 2013

In summary, it rained every day, to varying degrees. The sun only appeared a few times on the trip, for a few hours each time.

To avoid completely bollixing up my circadian rhythm on the long, two-stage trip, I decided to take two days each way to fly there. One day from Washington, DC to Seattle, WA, and another from Seattle to Anchorage, AK. And the reverse on the way back. This made for easier travel days, but a longer trip. Flight times are roughly 5 hours to Seattle and another 3½ to Anchorage, with some time in between. So to do it in one day would have meant getting up very early and getting to bed late.

This web page is too big and is not getting done. I'm breaking up into pieces so I can do one at a time. I'm just beginning.

  1. Overview and Chronology and Shorter Hikes - this page
  2. Hope Point Trail
  3. Cruise in Resurrection Bay
  4. Mt Marathon Hiker Trail

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