The Canadian Rockies - Aug 16 - 24, 2009

Banff and Lake Louise

(see map)

Photos © Peter Mansbach, 2010.
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Banff and Tunnel Mountain, Aug 17

   The town of Banff was charming, but a bit large and busy. The photo at left shows a block of stores and restaurants with an alpine motif.

Tunnel Mountain is at the edge of the town. A nice 1.4 mile trail takes one to the top. The shots below are views from an overlook along the trail. There is a bit of overlap between the two pictures.

To the right is a shot of me, on the trail, taken by another hiker.

Lake Louise, Aug 18

To the right is a photo of an overpass along the highway from Banff to Lake Louise. But look closely! What goes over the highway is not another road, but a grassy knoll with trees. This is to allow animals to cross the highway safely.

Below is a shot of Lake Louise itself, taken from in front of the luxurious Fairmont Hotel. The lake really is this blue-green color. That comes from the fine particles of rock, ground by the glaciers and washed into the lake. All the lakes in the area have this color. The path is part of the Lakeshore Trail.

I did the steep two mile hike up to Lake Agnes, nestled in a hanging valley. Just prior to Lake Agnes one passes Bridal Veil Falls, shown at left. "Just a few more steps" (shown at right) takes one past the falls and to the Lake and the teahouse (below).

The teahouse was charming, and I thought to order some pastry. But the service was non-existent. After waiting for 20 minutes without a waiter stopping by, I took out my trail mix and ate that. No one seemed to mind. It was too windy to eat outside.


Had dinner at the Post Hotel in Lake Louise Village (at left). This was the best meal of the trip, though several others were also excellent. I had elk steak, perfectly cooked. Even the lemonade was freshly squeezed and not too sweet. This far north and west, sunset was around 9:00, even this late in the summer. So it is still quite light out during dinner. And not too late for a double rainbow after!

Icefields Parkway, from the same trip
Jasper Area, from the same trip
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