Welcome to Peter Mansbach's Web Site!

Here's a photo of me hiking in Maryland:
(No commercial use of any photo on these pages, without written permission.)

Peter hiking
photo by Jean Austin

I'm spending most of my time as a volunteer running a nonprofit:
Circadian Sleep Disorders Network

Some Windows utilities I've written:
(the above links take you to a page with details)
Web Color Selector 3 (web page, opens directly)

Here's my most recent resume,
from before retiring from paying work.

Some of my photos:

Vancouver and Whistler - 2019 - coming eventually!

New Mexico - 2017 - coming eventually!

Colorado - 2016 - coming eventually!

Colorado - 2015 - coming eventually!

Scottsdale - 2014 - coming eventually!

Alaska - 2013 - coming eventually!

Grand Canyon - 2011

Flowers - 2011

Yosemite - 2010: Yosemite Valley; the Panorama Trail;
    Wawona and the Mariposa Grove of sequoias

The Canadian Rockies - 2009: Icefields Parkway;
    Jasper area;     Banff and Lake Louise

Oregon - 2008: Portland Area; The Oregon Coast; Crater Lake

Crested Butte and Aspen, CO - 2007

Mammoth Lakes Area, CA - 2006 and Bodie, CA

Big Sur, CA - 2005

Yosemite Valley and Half Dome   from several trips, 1978 - 2005

San Juan Mountains, Colorado - 2004   Telluride; Durango-Silverton RR

Glacier National Park, MT - 2003

Cherry Blossoms, Washington, DC - 2003/2004

Big Bend National Park, TX - 2002

Mt. Rainier, WA - 2001, and Victoria, BC

Wind River Mountains, WY - 2000

Stehekin, North Cascades, WA - 1999, and Seattle, WA

Sequoia Natl Park, CA - 1998

Yosemite - 1997 - Mule Pass, Barney Lake, Matterhorn Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park, UT - 1993

Grand Teton Mountains, WY - 1992 - text only, for now

Favorite Photos from Earlier Trips

My Land in Maine - The story, the land, the cabin, the observatory (and a poem)

Ale and Massi

Folk Dance Photos:
2010 Romania Day Party
2010 Anniversary Party
2005 Chocolate Party
2005 Olga & Sinisa Farewell

Poems, etc:
Some poems I've written

Chocolate Poems - Famous poems mis-remembered with a chocolate theme.

And everyone has to write a parody of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Circadian Sleep Disorders Network - I'm spending most of my time these days running this nonprofit organization

"Moose Notes" (Holiday Letters)
2021 (web version)
2020 (web version)
2019 (web version)
Holiday Card 2018

The buck stops here.
(Maligne Canyon, Jasper, AB)

Sunset, Black Hill
Sunset, Black Hill Regional Park, Germantown, MD

Some links to friends' pages:
Diane & Dave Maidt's Travel Pages

Other stuff:
Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS) - sleep disorder
Appalachian Trail parking and photos (including some of mine)
Yosemite Natl Pk - NPS
Fall Foliage Reports
Live Camera Shots: Montgomery County (MD) traffic
    including the American Legion Bridge (I-495)
John Chumack's Galactic Images
More Yosemite Links
Yosemite Falls Live Webcam
Yosemite Half Dome Time-Lapse Webcams

Jean and I
Jean and Me, Nov 2021

My house:
In 2009 I had
retaining walls
put in, where
the big hill
used to be.
And removed
some trees.

Mother Here's my Mom, in a
photo taken July 23, 2005
She died two days later.
She was 92.
Bumper Sticker
To get this as a bumper sticker,
click on the image to get larger image.
Then print it out.

My favorite road sign:
Sign: Illegal Dumping
(as opposed to legal dumping, which of course is not a crime...)
Edwards Ferry Rd, Montgomery County, MD

You can write me at pmansbach@aol.com