Stehekin, North Cascades, WA
Aug 1999

Photographs by Peter Mansbach, no commercial use without written permission.

There are no roads to Stehekin.

Access is by boat from Chelan, at the other end of Lake Chelan, a 50 mile boat ride. We took the Lady of the Lake II, a  leisurely four hour trip. The long, skinny lake winds its way into the North Cascades mountain range. The mountains rose ever more steeply as we sailed north. (See map at bottom of page.)

On our first afternoon we hiked the "Lakeshore Trail". Lots of beautiful views of Lake Chelan.

On our second day we hiked (partway) up MacGregor Mountain.
A shuttle bus took us from the Lodge to the trailhead.

Agnes Mtn in back

Boston, Booker, and Buckner Mtns in back

On the third day we hiked halfway up Purple Mountain. Here is Sheryl enjoying the view of Lake Chelan from 3,000 feet higher up.

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