Photos - Sequoia National Park - 1998

Photos by Peter Mansbach, Aug 1998.
(No commercial use without written permission)

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Dayhike to Moro Rock Aug 12. Two views of the Great Western Divide

Backpack trip from Mineral King across Franklin Pass, Aug 13 through Aug 17

Franklin Lake

Franklin Pass - well, actually, Franklin Pass itself was covered with snow, and skirting the snow got us here, about 300' higher up (UTM 361700mE, 4030970mN [NAD-27] according to the GPS). The topo map shows us at 11,900' at this point.

just past (east of) Franklin Pass

Sawtooth Peak, seen from above Little Claire Lake. The original (left) seemed a bit dull, so I enhanced the colors some (right)

We got pretty tired going over Franklin Pass, what with the altitude and the snow. And we heard reports of difficult snow fields at Sawtooth Pass. So instead of completing the loop trip via Sawtooth Pass, we turned around at Little Claire Lake and headed back.


Mariposa Lily

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