More photos from Yosemite

Photos by Peter Mansbach, Aug 1997.
(No commercial use without written permission)

Barney Lake
Barney Lake

Our trailhead was at Twin Lakes, near Bridgeport, CA, outside Yosemite's northeast corner. We hiked past Barney Lake and Robinson Lakes, across a very scary glacier (much enlarged due to last year's wet winter), through Mule Pass and Burro Pass to the top of Matterhorn Canyon. Round trip of 26 miles in 7 days.

Robinson Lakes
Robinson Lakes

Mule Pass
Mule Pass (storm approaching)

Sheryl and me
Sheryl and me, between Mule Pass and Burro Pass

Matterhorn Canyon
Matterhorn Canyon

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Me with backpack and camera
Me, with pack and camera,
below Mule Pass