The Outhouses of Bodie
Photographs © Peter Mansbach, no commercial use without written permission.

Bodie, CA, is an old abandoned gold mining town in the middle of nowhere. It is situated some distance northeast of Yosemite National Park, near the Nevada line, at an elevation of about 8400 ft, and is surrounded by high chaparral. It feels pretty lonely out there.

After gold was discovered, Bodie grew rapidly, to about 10,000 people by 1880. But the gold ran out, and by 1884 the population had dropped to 3,000. A lot of the remaining structures were lost to fire in the 1930's.

An outlying house emphasizes the isolation of the place

One thing that I had never thought about before: every house needed an outhouse. Thus there are as many outhouses in Bodie as there are houses! Here is a selection:

They look
pretty desolate

is nice!

Church needs one too!

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