Victoria, BC
August 2001

Victoria, BC (Canada), is a quaint harbor town in the old English style, situated on Vancouver Island. It can be reached by ferry from Seattle, WA, or from Vancouver, BC (which is not on Vancouver Island).

The harbor area is dominated by the British Columbia Parliament Building.

bottom of the "Knowledge Totem" in front of the Parliament Building
I think he's cute. I've adopted him as my mascot.

Victoria has lots of colorful and well-tended flowers to offset the often cloudy weather.
These are from the Parliament grounds:


And these were in front of a motel:


I particularly enjoyed   Market Square, a brick structure with lots of boutiques around a courtyard. The architecture is intriguing and dramatic - a neat place to explore and photograph. Here's an overview shot, followed by some closer views.

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Mt. Rainier and Thorp Mtn, earlier on the same trip
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