Crater Lake, Oregon - Aug 2008

Photos © Peter Mansbach, 2008.
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I was surprised by how big Crater Lake is. It's about six miles across, and that doesn't come across in photographs. It was formed when the inside of a volcano collapsed. Interestingly, there are no rivers flowing into or out of Crater Lake. The level is maintained by snowmelt and underground streams flowing in, and evaporation and seepage out. For the location of Crater Lake, see the overview map (opens in a new window).

When I arrived, the weather was cloudy. I stopped at several overlooks, and then hiked up to Garfield Peak. This is a view from partway up. Wizard Island is right of center.

Crater Lake from Garfield Peak Trail

The second day started out completely fogged in. One couldn't see the lake at all. But as the fog lifted in the afternoon, things gradually came into view. This shot is of the Phantom Ship, even more phantom-like in the fog.

Sun Notch Trail, with fog lifting

Phantom Ship from Sun Notch
The third morning was foggy again. But after noon the fog lifted, the clouds blew away, and the sun finally came out. Below is another shot of Phantom Ship, this time in clear, sunny weather. And yes, the lake really is that blue.

Crater Lake, with Phantom Ship, from Sun Notch

Portland area, from the same trip  
The Oregon Coast, from the same trip
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Crater Lake, from Merriam Point