The Oregon Coast - Aug 2008

Photos © Peter Mansbach, 2008.
No commercial use without written permission.

The weather was cloudy, with occasional rain, for the two days on the Oregon Coast. And the clouds were low, so that the promised "spectacular view" from the Cape Foulweather lookout was the interior of a cloud. Should have expected that, given the name of the place. Further south, Cape Perpetua, where I had planned to hike, was clearly within the clouds, so there was no point in driving (let alone hiking) up to the top. But under the clouds, the coast was still beautiful. Here are some examples. For their locations, see the orentation map (opens in a new window).

Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Yaquina Head Lighthouse, north of Newport

Heceta Head Lighthouse
Heceta Head Lighthouse, south of Yachats

Beach south of Yachats
Beach south of Yachats, rain approaching

Along the coast
Coast, near Depoe Bay
Birds at Yaquina Head
Birds at Yaquina Head

Stayed at the luxurious Overleaf Lodge, in Yachats. Beautifully laid out gardens, right by the ocean, with the historic 804 Trail winding through. I walked this trail for half a mile to eat breakfast at the neighboring Adobe Lodge.

Overleaf Lodge
Overleaf Lodge and 804 Trail, Yachats

Along the 804 Trail
Beach along the 804 Trail, Yachats

The Sea Lion Caves north of Florence were fun. Took the elevator 200 ft down to the cave. In this shot the sea lions are congregating on the rock in the center. They have direct water access to the outside (on the right in the photo), and come and go. Sea Lions differ from seals in that sea lions can support their weight on their flippers.

Sea Lion Cave
Sea Lion Cave
Rehearsing a duet for the opera
Perhaps Che gelida manina, from Puccini's La Bohème
Sea Lions singing

In the next photo, the tide is coming in, and the guy on the right wants to move further up on the rock. But the alpha male on top does not agree.

Alpha male defends rock

Portland area, from the same trip
Crater Lake, from the same trip
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